How Can Money Be Saved on Online Recharges?

How Can Money Be Saved on Online Recharges?

Who doesn’t want to save a penny? From taking the discount at a car showroom to bargaining at the grocery store, we try to save everywhere we spent. Apart from saving in the markets while shopping or availing a service, we also want to save while spending at our basic needs like while recharging mobiles and DTH, paying electricity bills, booking movie tickets and various other expenses. Thanks to digitalization that most of the peopleare getting aware of the benefits of online bill payments and recharges. For those who still struggling to save the money spending over online recharges, we have brought you some tricks to save money while paying bills or getting done recharges online:

  • Are You On A Smart Plan?

Mostly we recharge mobiles every month with a fixed plan which givesus enough talk-time for a month. We do not even analyse our call trend. Let’s say we make more STD Calls than Local calls; then having a mobile recharge with the same service is advisable. Though JIO has flipped the cards now; those who are still on the old network with same old plans need to awake. Telecom operators offer a variety of plans for their users as per user flexibility. So, why to spend more when you can just pay for required ones only.

  • Did You Get Good Friends?

An Indian e-payments and e-commerce brand Paytm offers sometimes 100% cash back on getting mobile recharges, online bookings and various online services through its mobile app or website. Isn’t it amazing that you pay, but you didn’t pay anything? There are several such websites and mobile application services which offer cash back if you use a promotional code. Sometimes it is known as a referral code as well. Users can refer the code to next person, and in exchange, both will get some cash back.

  • Shopaholic?

Apps like Paytm allow us not just to get recharge or transfer money, but we can also pay the electricity, broadband, and water bills, book movie tickets and air tickets, get the cabs booked, andhave the railway reservations done on our fingertips. Even shopping at Paytm is offered. Moreover, for every payment through this app; it gives back some percentage of the total amount spent. So, every time when we spent, we earn a few out of it. Online stores like Flipkart Amazon, Snapdeal, Jabong, Myntra, Limeroad, Shopclues etc. also have cashback offers but only if the payment is done via a particular bank’s credit or debit cards. However, the payment gateway offers a range of payment options to choose from. Thus, when we end up shopping more than what was required, we also had something either free or paid lesser than the market price.

  • Don’t Want To Pay To The Middleman?

This trick is entirely for the people who hate paying to the person in the middle i.e.wholesalers, retailers, agents and brokers.There are people who pay extra to the authorised vendors for paying a bill or get any mobile recharge done. Paying some extra for a recharge every month to a vendor, is equal to paying enough to him in a year that could have recharged the mobile plan for at least a month. These middlemen often ask for more from the less aware people which is ethically wrong. So, get smart. Thus, by learning how to pay bills online and getting mobile and DTH recharges done online, money could be saved at our end.

  • Are You A Loyal Customer?

Once you are categorised as loyal online shopper on the company’s list, they keep proposingvarious attractive shopping offers regularly. These offers may be related to paying lesser than MRP, huge discounts on products, or percent cash back of paid bills and much more alike. Thus, a chance of saving money while shopping comfortably from home is earned. There are service like Amazon Prime, that ship and deliver the purchased products in minimum 24 hours; only if you are an Amazon Prime Membership holder. Telecom companies do the similar for their subscribers by offering them high speed internet data plan for a limited period of time on getting a particular mobile recharge done.

  • Want To Customise Your Plan?

Of course who would like to pay extra for something which they don’t even use? For example, a North Indian family and don’t watch channels of a different language. But since their local vendor provides a fixed number of the channels keeping in mind the entire group of subscribers; the family have no option but to have those non-native language channels in channel pack. In that case, opting for online service can be useful. By visiting the service provider’s website, buying customize channel pack is worthy than paying for useless TV channels.

  • Are You A Fan Of The Mobile App?

The latest way is recharging your phone with apps like WhatsApp, Hike, and Line etc. Though it’s not easy to get money as per the schemes of these apps, you got to earn enough credit points to make it redeemable. Off-course you won’t be able to buy a car with this small saving, but it will be enough for mobile recharge at least.

Internet in itself is a big deal, growing and changing every moment but foremost it is by us and for us. Hence, be a smart consumer, stay updated, and 30-40% of the spending over mobile and DTH recharges could be saved. Happy Being an Online Payer

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