Be Sensible While looking For New DTH Connection

Be Sensible While looking For New DTH Connection

Gone are the days when viewers had to pay for a bundle of channels which they don’t watch. Cable TV digitisation has reached newer heights with DTH being introduced even in remote areas. The network is being expanded slowly yet steadily. It has showcased a very successful track record. DTH has already overthrown cable TVs with very few operators still hanging on it.

The Demise of Cable TV:

Cable TV industry has been almost smashed down as a result of mounting competition from satellite TV and even new computer sites. Few important reasons are:

1. Customer Service– Due to very few cable operators, handling customer queries at a faster pace becomes almost            impossible.
2. Monopoly – One or very few cable operators for a particular region.
3. No Options– No matter how many channels one watches, he still pays for all.
4. Obscure Pricing– Price fluctuates without any reason.
5. Quality – The picture and sound quality is not that great is the comparison to its competitors.

Why DTH?

DTH means Direct to Home. This makes it less complex with not many intermediaries in between. The rationale behind the success of DTHs is as follows:

1. A lot of players in the market to choose from. Money is spent only on what you watch.
2. An array of value-added services like games and other services to pick from.
3. Best picture quality guaranteed.
4. Customer service is quick and timely. Relocation is super easy.
5. No more hanging on cable operators as you can do everything online. Suspension of set up box and reactivation             becomes almost effortless. Recharge becomes a quick game.
6. Offers you recording options with pause, play and fast forward facility.
7. Power shut down doesn’t matter if you have a private back up.
8. Prices are transparent and remain stable. You pay for what you select.
9. Quality of set up box is reliable and comes with a warranty.
10. Zeroing In On An Operator:

Now that you have decided to ditch the cables guys and buy a DTH connection for you, which offers what will be the next big question. There are a few parameters to consider before you settle for one. Compare the operators that perform well in your region. Few might offer almost all the local language channels while others might render a decent mix of all. Think about what your family/you might enjoy at large.

Examine the cost of a basic pack. This forms the crux of your price you pay. It is on top of this that your additives are added. Compare what other company offers for the same basic package.

One highlighted the reason for why people prefer DTH over Cable is Quality. Go over the quality with a fine tooth comb to check the quality. Visit a friend of yours to scrutinise how many HD channels are rendered and how the effect on different TV’s is. HD and 4k technology are the recent additions.

Look for the quality of the set up box and the remote. The warranty that comes with the set up box and remote is very essential too.

Recording option is another unique selling point of DTH’s. Analyze how long the set up box can record. How many channels can be recorded simultaneously and requirement of external space for recording are to be counted too.

Check if the set up ox is mobile and internet friendly. In recent times, anything that doesn’t support the internet stays up float for a more extended stint.

Study the cost of set top boxes of different operators. The quality is outstanding, but it is not sensible to be paying some exorbitant pricing for a set up box which does the same job as others.

Customer complaint reception and handling with due care play a vital role in having the customers grounded. An operator who can come to your rescue in case of urgency is expected. Enquire if your friends or families who have the same set up box face any hardship with it.

Please look for the quality and operation facility of the remote with which you will be most of your TV time. Look if the menu that pops at the beginning is clear and understandable. Remote buttons that are easy to operate and handle are better rather than spending all your energy on getting what you want to watch.

Service providers have also come up with in-car access which would be very useful for frequent travellers. There is no missing out of your favourite shows.

Have an eye on additives that that particular service provider renders. It could be with or without extra payment. Though this does not play a considerable role is DTH selection, learning what you are going to get is always helpful.

Happy TV time….

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