7 Trending Changes in Customers Service Expectation

7 Trending Changes in Customers Service Expectation

The globe is going blizzard with countless websites and e-commerce sites to offer. Customers are on a constant lookout for the best services. It becomes imperative for the e-commerce sites to pull up the socks so that online service that their customer opts for retaining for a longer duration.

Here we will discuss the seven most trending changes in customer service expectation and how can we help them get so-

Waste No Time:

Yes, the busy world has no time to hear for any nonsense excuse put forth by the seller on non-delivery of goods or products on time. Customers want a correct, time and date to get their peace of mind about the arrival of the goods. You cannot play the brain games with them on the product running out, or out of stock.BEG, BORROW, STEAL choose the scenario and plunge in but never miss a customer. You lose out the trust of the client, and you lose a bunch of them. And remember you have competitors who are prowling for that instinct when things go wrong at your end. Therefore waste no time on yours or the client. Stating the date and time, wherein you can deliver it by keeping all the unforeseen circumstances becomes essential so as not to disappoint the customers.

A Company That Never Sleeps:

Give a customer 24 X7 service, and you have earned brownie points for yourself. There is no better way of satisfying a client than being available round the clock. Therefore remove the timings from the site of being available 9 to 9; instead of open the doors for an unlimited time. A company that never sleeps gains more. Answering the queries and doubts immediately also has an enormous impact on the generation of leads and customers.

Mobile Friendly Experience:

As most of the dealings and shopping experience are done through mobile, be it a DTH recharge or booking hotel rooms, a click is all that is needed. It, therefore, becomes imperative that the e-commerce site offers a responsive page. You cannot always expect a consumer to sit on the laptop or desktop to go shopping. Often the most critical decisions about shopping are made at night, after the day’s work, lying on the couch with a mobile in hand. An online store should, therefore, make sure its web designer must render the page as responsive as it can.

Getting Acknowledged:

You open a Facebook page, you are on twitter, you are on Instagram, and thousands of likes and comments pour in. It is essential that you acknowledge all of them well. Customers expect that their say is recognised, and due importance is given. Even if it’s a mere’ thank you, Michele, for your comments’ the name itself boosts up the consumer to look in for more on the page. This slowly develops a right image for the store and generation of the lead.

Charge No More For Shipping And Gift Wrapping:

“What?? I got to pay Rs.100/- towards the shipping, No way…..let me go to another site.” Yes, this is going to be the scene for many websites who charge extra for shipping or gift wrapping. If you do not want to lose out on your customers, it is vital you give the audience what they want. A service that offers them products with no shipping charges lists the top in the e-stores.

Gifts and Discounts:

Life cannot get better for customers who are in complete love with freebies and discounts. Even if you can give them a free online recharge on their mobile pockets, or a cable recharge, there is much scope for that site to dwell well. Offering discounts stating that they are the lucky ones or privileged customers make customers go gaga all about it. Therefore such offers do miracles and bring an increased amount of generation of revenue.

Faster Service, Faster Delivery:

Wait no more; cry no more, the generation of customers of this era is fast-paced. They are in search of products and services that can be received at the earliest. A week or two to deliver or answering a query, forget that idea! Get it done at the earliest to retain your trust onto the customers from the service point of view.

With changing times, things are changing and so are the demands of the customers. It becomes essential to be at peace with them, for not today, nor tomorrow, because the customer always the king!

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